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    Lauren is an avid screenwriter with aspirations to work in both Feature Films and Television. Treatments and spec scripts are available upon request.

    She has a B.F.A. in Motion Pictures and Television with an Emphasis on Screenwriting and Video Editing from the Academy of Art University in 2011.

    She has also completed the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting, and continues to take courses through UCLA. She is currently in the Advanced Screenwriting Professional Program, as well as the UCLA Professional Program in Television.

    Genre: Sci-Fi Drama
    Made the Top 5% – 10% in the 2014 Academy Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting competition.
    Received a “RECOMMEND” from Austin Film Festival coverage.

    After a horrific car accident, two madly in love teenagers awake imprisoned in a grim city where color is a rare, infectious disease and they must fight against mysterious forces to get back to the real world.
    Wonderland has also been written as a TV pilot (with show bible).

    Genre: Romantic Dramedy
    Made the Top 5% – 10% in the 2014 Academy Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting competition.
    After breaking up with her fiancé just before boarding the Christmas Eve Red-Eye, a young woman travels home to Minnesota alone, and has to pick up the pieces of her life under the scrutinizing gaze of her multicultural family during the holidays.

    Genre: Romantic Teen Drama
    The deep-rooted friendship of two teenage girls is tested when they both fall in love with the same boy.

    Genre: Raunchy Stoner Comedy
    After ingesting an extra-strong batch of mushrooms, a group of twenty-something friends have magical night searching for gold and capture a Leprechaun. But when they sober up the next morning, they discover that the Leprechaun was not a hallucination, and they’ve accidentally kidnapped a child.

    Genre: Disaster/Horror
    The United States’ most dangerous fault line is not the San Andreas, but the New Madrid that lays dormant under the Southern Midwest, and a rogue scientist is not only certain that the dreaded 10.0 is imminent, but that it’s destruction will unleash something sinister from the depths of the Earth.

    The second film picks up immediately where the first one left off, in what is now known as the Island of San Francisco. The rest of the United States has become a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and San Francisco is rumored to be the only city still standing, possibly in the entire world.

    The third film picks up 28 years after the events of the first film, as society rebuilds itself.

    Loglines for pilots and additional in-progress features COMING SOON!